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Dataset and Neural Recurrent Sequence Labeling Model for Open-Domain Factoid Question Answering

Hanlard/Bert-for-WebQA 21 Jul 2016

While question answering (QA) with neural network, i. e. neural QA, has achieved promising results in recent years, lacking of large scale real-word QA dataset is still a challenge for developing and evaluating neural QA system.

Asking Questions the Human Way: Scalable Question-Answer Generation from Text Corpus

bangliu/ACS-QG 27 Jan 2020

In this paper, we propose Answer-Clue-Style-aware Question Generation (ACS-QG), which aims at automatically generating high-quality and diverse question-answer pairs from unlabeled text corpus at scale by imitating the way a human asks questions.

LRTA: A Transparent Neural-Symbolic Reasoning Framework with Modular Supervision for Visual Question Answering

Aishwarya-NR/LRTA_Perturbed_Dataset 21 Nov 2020

We show that LRTA makes a step towards truly understanding the question while the state-of-the-art model tends to learn superficial correlations from the training data.

It is AI's Turn to Ask Humans a Question: Question-Answer Pair Generation for Children's Story Books

WorkInTheDark/FairytaleQA_QAG_System 8 Sep 2021

Existing question answering (QA) techniques are created mainly to answer questions asked by humans.

R$^3$: Reinforced Reader-Ranker for Open-Domain Question Answering

shuohangwang/mprc 31 Aug 2017

Second, we propose a novel method that jointly trains the Ranker along with an answer-generation Reader model, based on reinforcement learning.

Product-Aware Answer Generation in E-Commerce Question-Answering

gsh199449/productqa 23 Jan 2019

In this paper, we propose the task of product-aware answer generation, which tends to generate an accurate and complete answer from large-scale unlabeled e-commerce reviews and product attributes.

Review-Driven Answer Generation for Product-Related Questions in E-Commerce

WHUIR/RAGE 27 Apr 2019

Then, we devise a mechanism to identify the relevant information from the noise-prone review snippets and incorporate this information to guide the answer generation.

AmazonQA: A Review-Based Question Answering Task

amazonqa/amazonqa 12 Aug 2019

Observing that many questions can be answered based upon the available product reviews, we propose the task of review-based QA.

Answering Naturally: Factoid to Full length Answer Generation

kolk/AnsweringNaturally WS 2019

A reading comprehension system extracts a span of text, comprising of named entities, dates, small phrases, etc., which serve as the answer to a given question.

VD-BERT: A Unified Vision and Dialog Transformer with BERT

salesforce/VD-BERT EMNLP 2020

By contrast, in this work, we propose VD-BERT, a simple yet effective framework of unified vision-dialog Transformer that leverages the pretrained BERT language models for Visual Dialog tasks.