Argument Mining

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Argument Mining is a field of corpus-based discourse analysis that involves the automatic identification of argumentative structures in text.

Source: AMPERSAND: Argument Mining for PERSuAsive oNline Discussions

Greatest papers with code

GrASP: A Library for Extracting and Exploring Human-Interpretable Textual Patterns

plkumjorn/GrASP 8 Apr 2021

Data exploration is an important step of every data science and machine learning project, including those involving textual data.

Argument Mining

ConvoSumm: Conversation Summarization Benchmark and Improved Abstractive Summarization with Argument Mining

Yale-LILY/ConvoSumm 1 Jun 2021

While online conversations can cover a vast amount of information in many different formats, abstractive text summarization has primarily focused on modeling solely news articles.

Abstractive Text Summarization Argument Mining +2

LESA: Linguistic Encapsulation and Semantic Amalgamation Based Generalised Claim Detection from Online Content


We resolve the latter issue by annotating a Twitter dataset which aims at providing a testing ground on a large unstructured dataset.

Argument Mining Language Modelling

Frame- and Entity-Based Knowledge for Common-Sense Argumentative Reasoning

UKPLab/emnlp2018-argmin-commonsense-knowledge WS 2018

Common-sense argumentative reasoning is a challenging task that requires holistic understanding of the argumentation where external knowledge about the world is hypothesized to play a key role.

Argument Mining Common Sense Reasoning +7

Yes, we can! Mining Arguments in 50 Years of US Presidential Campaign Debates

ElecDeb60To16/Dataset ACL 2019

We address this task in an empirical manner by annotating 39 political debates from the last 50 years of US presidential campaigns, creating a new corpus of 29k argument components, labeled as premises and claims.

Argument Mining

Categorizing Comparative Sentences

uhh-lt/comparative WS 2019

We tackle the tasks of automatically identifying comparative sentences and categorizing the intended preference (e. g., "Python has better NLP libraries than MATLAB" => (Python, better, MATLAB).

Argument Mining Sentence Embeddings

Argument Mining Driven Analysis of Peer-Reviews

fromm-m/aaai2021-am-peer-reviews 10 Dec 2020

Peer reviewing is a central process in modern research and essential for ensuring high quality and reliability of published work.

Argument Mining

Unit Segmentation of Argumentative Text

webis-de/unit-segmentation-of-argumentative-texts 1 Sep 2017

The segmentation of an argumentative text into argument units and their non- argumentative counterparts is the first step in identifying the argumentative structure of the text.

Argument Mining