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Lenia and Expanded Universe

Chakazul/Lenia 7 May 2020

We report experimental extensions of Lenia, a continuous cellular automata family capable of producing lifelike self-organizing autonomous patterns.

Artificial Life

Lenia - Biology of Artificial Life

Chakazul/Lenia 13 Dec 2018

We report a new system of artificial life called Lenia (from Latin lenis "smooth"), a two-dimensional cellular automaton with continuous space-time-state and generalized local rule.

Artificial Life

Safe Mutations for Deep and Recurrent Neural Networks through Output Gradients

uber-research/safemutations 18 Dec 2017

While neuroevolution (evolving neural networks) has a successful track record across a variety of domains from reinforcement learning to artificial life, it is rarely applied to large, deep neural networks.

Artificial Life

Co-generation of game levels and game-playing agents

aadharna/UntouchableThunder 16 Jul 2020

This paper introduces a POET-Inspired Neuroevolutionary System for KreativitY (PINSKY) in games, which co-generates levels for multiple video games and agents that play them.

Artificial Life

Artificial life properties of directed interaction combinators vs. chemlambda

mbuliga/quinegraphs 12 May 2020

We provide a framework for experimentation at https://mbuliga. github. io/quinegraphs/ic-vs-chem. html#icvschem with two artificial chemistries: directed interaction combinators (dirIC, defined in section 2) and chemlambda.

Artificial Life

Evolving Structures in Complex Systems

hugcis/evolving-structures-in-complex-systems 4 Nov 2019

In this paper we propose an approach for measuring growth of complexity of emerging patterns in complex systems such as cellular automata.

Artificial Life

Combinatory Chemistry: Towards a Simple Model of Emergent Evolution

mbuliga/chemski 17 Mar 2020

An explanatory model for the emergence of evolvable units must display emerging structures that (1) preserve themselves in time (2) self-reproduce and (3) tolerate a certain amount of variation when reproducing.

Artificial Life

Modelling SARS-CoV-2 coevolution with genetic algorithms

aymericvie/Covid19_coevolution 24 Feb 2021

At the end of 2020, policy responses to the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak have been shaken by the emergence of virus variants, impacting public health and policy measures worldwide.

Artificial Life

Artificial Life in Game Mods for Intuitive Evolution Education

anyaevostinar/RealisticFishing 7 Jul 2020

The understanding and acceptance of evolution by natural selection has become a difficult issue in many parts of the world, particularly the United States of America.

Artificial Life

Self-Replicating Machines in Continuous Space with Virtual Physics

pdturney/johnnyvon 15 Apr 2003

We demonstrate that, if an arbitrary "seed" pattern is put in a "soup" of separate individual particles, the pattern will replicate by assembling the individual particles into copies of itself.

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