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Ousiometrics and Telegnomics: The essence of meaning conforms to a two-dimensional powerful-weak and dangerous-safe framework with diverse corpora presenting a safety bias

petersheridandodds/ousiometry 13 Oct 2021

We define `ousiometrics' to be the study of essential meaning in whatever context that meaningful signals are communicated, and `telegnomics' as the study of remotely sensed knowledge.

Artificial Life Time Series

13 Oct 2021

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match: Geometric, Variational, and Evolutionary Implications of Criteria for Tag Affinity

amlalejini/exploring-tag-matching-metrics-in-signalgp 10 Aug 2021

Genetic programming and artificial life systems commonly employ tag-matching schemes to determine interactions between model components.

Artificial Life

10 Aug 2021

Carle's Game: An Open-Ended Challenge in Exploratory Machine Creativity

riveSunder/carle 13 Jul 2021

It is also an invitation to Carle's Game, a challenge in open-ended machine exploration and creativity.

Artificial Life Meta-Learning

13 Jul 2021

QKSA: Quantum Knowledge Seeking Agent

Advanced-Research-Centre/QKSA 3 Jul 2021

In this article we present the motivation and the core thesis towards the implementation of a Quantum Knowledge Seeking Agent (QKSA).

Artificial Life General Reinforcement Learning

03 Jul 2021

Modelling SARS-CoV-2 coevolution with genetic algorithms

aymericvie/Covid19_coevolution 24 Feb 2021

At the end of 2020, policy responses to the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak have been shaken by the emergence of virus variants, impacting public health and policy measures worldwide.

Artificial Life

24 Feb 2021

Co-generation of game levels and game-playing agents

aadharna/UntouchableThunder 16 Jul 2020

This paper introduces a POET-Inspired Neuroevolutionary System for KreativitY (PINSKY) in games, which co-generates levels for multiple video games and agents that play them.

Artificial Life

16 Jul 2020

Artificial Life in Game Mods for Intuitive Evolution Education

anyaevostinar/RealisticFishing 7 Jul 2020

The understanding and acceptance of evolution by natural selection has become a difficult issue in many parts of the world, particularly the United States of America.

Artificial Life

07 Jul 2020

Open Questions in Creating Safe Open-ended AI: Tensions Between Control and Creativity

rgreenblatt/ai_alignment_readings 12 Jun 2020

This paper proposes that open-ended evolution and artificial life have much to contribute towards the understanding of open-ended AI, focusing here in particular on the safety of open-ended search.

Artificial Life

12 Jun 2020

Artificial life properties of directed interaction combinators vs. chemlambda

mbuliga/quinegraphs 12 May 2020

We provide a framework for experimentation at https://mbuliga. github. io/quinegraphs/ic-vs-chem. html#icvschem with two artificial chemistries: directed interaction combinators (dirIC, defined in section 2) and chemlambda.

Artificial Life

12 May 2020

Lenia and Expanded Universe

Chakazul/Lenia 7 May 2020

We report experimental extensions of Lenia, a continuous cellular automata family capable of producing lifelike self-organizing autonomous patterns.

Artificial Life

07 May 2020