Audio-Visual Captioning

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Most implemented papers

VALOR: Vision-Audio-Language Omni-Perception Pretraining Model and Dataset

TXH-mercury/VALOR 17 Apr 2023

Different from widely-studied vision-language pretraining models, VALOR jointly models relationships of vision, audio and language in an end-to-end manner.

VAST: A Vision-Audio-Subtitle-Text Omni-Modality Foundation Model and Dataset

txh-mercury/vast NeurIPS 2023

Based on the proposed VAST-27M dataset, we train an omni-modality video-text foundational model named VAST, which can perceive and process vision, audio, and subtitle modalities from video, and better support various tasks including vision-text, audio-text, and multi-modal video-text tasks (retrieval, captioning and QA).