Automated Writing Evaluation

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Automated writing evaluation refers to the task of analysing and measuring written text based on features, such as syntax, text complexity and vocabulary range.


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Annotation and Classification of Evidence and Reasoning Revisions in Argumentative Writing

no code yet • WS 2020

Automated writing evaluation systems can improve students' writing insofar as students attend to the feedback provided and revise their essay drafts in ways aligned with such feedback.

Automated Writing Evaluation

Automated Topical Component Extraction Using Neural Network Attention Scores from Source-based Essay Scoring

no code yet • ACL 2020

While automated essay scoring (AES) can reliably grade essays at scale, automated writing evaluation (AWE) additionally provides formative feedback to guide essay revision.

Automated Essay Scoring Automated Writing Evaluation

Automated Evaluation of Writing -- 50 Years and Counting

no code yet • ACL 2020

In this theme paper, we focus on Automated Writing Evaluation (AWE), using Ellis Page{'}s seminal 1966 paper to frame the presentation.

Automated Writing Evaluation

An Exploratory Study into Automated Pr\'ecis Grading

no code yet • LREC 2020

Automated writing evaluation is a popular research field, but the main focus has been on evaluating argumentative essays.

Automated Writing Evaluation

eRevise: Using Natural Language Processing to Provide Formative Feedback on Text Evidence Usage in Student Writing

no code yet • 6 Aug 2019

Writing a good essay typically involves students revising an initial paper draft after receiving feedback.

Automated Writing Evaluation

Exploring Relationships Between Writing \& Broader Outcomes With Automated Writing Evaluation

no code yet • WS 2017

Writing is a challenge, especially for at-risk students who may lack the prerequisite writing skills required to persist in U. S. 4-year postsecondary (college) institutions.

Automated Writing Evaluation

Effective sampling for large-scale automated writing evaluation systems

no code yet • 17 Dec 2014

Automated writing evaluation (AWE) has been shown to be an effective mechanism for quickly providing feedback to students.

Automated Writing Evaluation