Behavioural cloning

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Counter-Strike Deathmatch with Large-Scale Behavioural Cloning

TeaPearce/Counter-Strike_Behavioural_Cloning 9 Apr 2021

This paper describes an AI agent that plays the popular first-person-shooter (FPS) video game `Counter-Strike; Global Offensive' (CSGO) from pixel input.

A Divergence Minimization Perspective on Imitation Learning Methods

KamyarGh/rl_swiss 6 Nov 2019

We present $f$-MAX, an $f$-divergence generalization of AIRL [Fu et al., 2018], a state-of-the-art IRL method.

Action Advising with Advice Imitation in Deep Reinforcement Learning

ercumentilhan/naive-advice-imitation 17 Apr 2021

Action advising is a peer-to-peer knowledge exchange technique built on the teacher-student paradigm to alleviate the sample inefficiency problem in deep reinforcement learning.

Deep attention networks reveal the rules of collective motion in zebrafish

polavieja_lab/fishandra 13 Sep 2019

When using simulated trajectories, the model recovers the ground-truth interaction rule used to generate them, as well as the number of interacting neighbours.

Benchmarking End-to-End Behavioural Cloning on Video Games

joonaspu/video-game-behavioural-cloning 2 Apr 2020

We take a step towards a general approach and study the general applicability of behavioural cloning on twelve video games, including six modern video games (published after 2010), by using human demonstrations as training data.

Playing Minecraft with Behavioural Cloning

Miffyli/minecraft-bc 7 May 2020

MineRL 2019 competition challenged participants to train sample-efficient agents to play Minecraft, by using a dataset of human gameplay and a limit number of steps the environment.

Self-Supervised Adversarial Imitation Learning

nathangavenski/sail 21 Apr 2023

We address this limitation by incorporating a discriminator into the original framework, offering two key advantages and directly solving a learning problem previous work had.