Binary text classification

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Most implemented papers

Expectation Backpropagation: Parameter-Free Training of Multilayer Neural Networks with Continuous or Discrete Weights

ExpectationBackpropagation/EBP_Matlab_Code NeurIPS 2014

Using online EP and the central limit theorem we find an analytical approximation to the Bayes update of this posterior, as well as the resulting Bayes estimates of the weights and outputs.

Learning Representations for Soft Skill Matching

muzaluisa/soft-skill-matching 20 Jul 2018

The disambiguation is formulated as a binary text classification problem where the prediction is made for the potential soft skill based on the context where it occurs.

Evaluating shallow and deep learning strategies for the 2018 n2c2 shared task on clinical text classification

bst-mug/n2c2 Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 2019

Shallow machine learning strategies showed lower overall micro F1 scores, but still higher than deep learning strategies and the baseline.

Identification of the Relevance of Comments in Codes Using Bag of Words and Transformer Based Models

sruthisudheer/comment-classification-of-c-code 11 Aug 2023

The performance of the classical bag of words model and transformer-based models were explored to identify significant features from the given training corpus.