Boundary Captioning

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Provided with the timestamp of a boundary inside a video, the machine is required to generate sentences describing the status change at the boundary.

Most implemented papers

GEB+: A Benchmark for Generic Event Boundary Captioning, Grounding and Retrieval

showlab/geb-plus 1 Apr 2022

In this paper, we introduce a new dataset called Kinetic-GEB+.

Exploiting Context Information for Generic Event Boundary Captioning

zjr2000/context-gebc 3 Jul 2022

Previous methods only process the information of a single boundary at a time, which lacks utilization of video context information.

Dual-Stream Transformer for Generic Event Boundary Captioning

gx77/dual-stream-transformer-for-generic-event-boundary-captioning 7 Jul 2022

This paper describes our champion solution for the CVPR2022 Generic Event Boundary Captioning (GEBC) competition.