Brain Segmentation

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Deep learning facilitates fully automated brain image registration of optoacoustic tomography and magnetic resonance imaging

no code yet • 4 Sep 2021

Multi-spectral optoacoustic tomography (MSOT) is an emerging optical imaging method providing multiplex molecular and functional information from the rodent brain.

Brain Segmentation Image Registration +1

Efficient and Generic Interactive Segmentation Framework to Correct Mispredictions during Clinical Evaluation of Medical Images

no code yet • 6 Aug 2021

We report a time saving of 2. 8, 3. 0, 1. 9, 4. 4, and 8. 6 fold compared to other interactive segmentation techniques.

Brain Segmentation Interactive Segmentation +1

Privacy Preserving for Medical Image Analysis via Non-Linear Deformation Proxy

no code yet • 25 Nov 2020

Results show that the segmentation accuracy of our method is similar to a system trained on non-encoded images, while considerably reducing the ability to recover subject identity.

Brain Segmentation

Local Temperature Scaling for Probability Calibration

no code yet • 12 Aug 2020

Thus, we propose a learning-based calibration method that focuses on multi-label semantic segmentation.

Brain Segmentation Semantic Segmentation

Multi-modal segmentation of 3D brain scans using neural networks

no code yet • 11 Aug 2020

The segmentation quality is quantified using the Dice metric for a total of 27 anatomical structures.

Brain Segmentation Computed Tomography (CT)

Multi-Site Infant Brain Segmentation Algorithms: The iSeg-2019 Challenge

no code yet • 4 Jul 2020

Deep learning-based methods have achieved state-of-the-art performance; however, one of major limitations is that the learning-based methods may suffer from the multi-site issue, that is, the models trained on a dataset from one site may not be applicable to the datasets acquired from other sites with different imaging protocols/scanners.

Brain Segmentation

Bayesian convolutional neural network based MRI brain extraction on nonhuman primates

no code yet • 18 May 2020

The deep Bayesian CNN, Bayesian SegNet, is used as the core segmentation engine.

Brain Segmentation Skull Stripping

RegQCNET: Deep Quality Control for Image-to-template Brain MRI Affine Registration

no code yet • 14 May 2020

In the current study, a compact 3D convolutional neural network (CNN), referred to as RegQCNET, is introduced to quantitatively predict the amplitude of an affine registration mismatch between a registered image and a reference template.

Brain Segmentation

Region of Interest Identification for Brain Tumors in Magnetic Resonance Images

no code yet • 26 Feb 2020

Glioma is a common type of brain tumor, and accurate detection of it plays a vital role in the diagnosis and treatment process.

Brain Segmentation Tumor Segmentation

Robust Brain Magnetic Resonance Image Segmentation for Hydrocephalus Patients: Hard and Soft Attention

no code yet • 12 Jan 2020

Brain magnetic resonance (MR) segmentation for hydrocephalus patients is considered as a challenging work.

Brain Segmentation Semantic Segmentation