Camera shot boundary detection

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The objective of camera shot boundary detection is to find the transitions between the camera shots in a video and classify the type of camera transition. This task is introduced in SoccerNet-v2, where 3 types of transitions are considered (abrupt, logo, smooth).


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Most implemented papers

Ridiculously Fast Shot Boundary Detection with Fully Convolutional Neural Networks

Tangshitao/ClipShots_basline 23 May 2017

Shot boundary detection (SBD) is an important component of many video analysis tasks, such as action recognition, video indexing, summarization and editing.

Large-scale, Fast and Accurate Shot Boundary Detection through Spatio-temporal Convolutional Neural Networks

melgharib/DSBD 9 May 2017

Since current datasets are not large enough to train an accurate SBD CNN, we present a new dataset containing more than 3. 5 million frames of sharp and gradual transitions.

Fast Video Shot Transition Localization with Deep Structured Models

Tangshitao/ClipShots 13 Aug 2018

In order to train a high-performance shot transition detector, we contribute a new database ClipShots, which contains 128636 cut transitions and 38120 gradual transitions from 4039 online videos.

TransNet: A deep network for fast detection of common shot transitions

soCzech/TransNet 8 Jun 2019

Shot boundary detection (SBD) is an important first step in many video processing applications.

TransNet V2: An effective deep network architecture for fast shot transition detection

soCzech/TransNetV2 11 Aug 2020

Although automatic shot transition detection approaches are already investigated for more than two decades, an effective universal human-level model was not proposed yet.

SoccerNet-v2: A Dataset and Benchmarks for Holistic Understanding of Broadcast Soccer Videos

SilvioGiancola/SoccerNetv2-DevKit 26 Nov 2020

In this work, we propose SoccerNet-v2, a novel large-scale corpus of manual annotations for the SoccerNet video dataset, along with open challenges to encourage more research in soccer understanding and broadcast production.

A novel automatic shot boundary detection algorithm: robust to illumination and motion effect

alokssingh/Temporal-segmentation-Shot-boundary Signal, Image and Video Processing volume 2019

Many researches have been done on shot boundary detection, but the performance of shot boundary detection approaches is yet to be addressed for the videos having sudden illumination and object/camera motion effects efficiently.