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Caricature is a pictorial representation or description that deliberately exaggerates a person’s distinctive features or peculiarities to create an easily identifiable visual likeness with a comic effect. This vivid art form contains the concepts of abstraction, simplification and exaggeration.

Source: Alive Caricature from 2D to 3D

Most implemented papers

CariMe: Unpaired Caricature Generation with Multiple Exaggerations

edward3862/carime 1 Oct 2020

Previous caricature generation methods are obsessed with predicting definite image warping from a given photo while ignoring the intrinsic representation and distribution for exaggerations in caricatures.

Unpaired Photo-to-Caricature Translation on Faces in the Wild

zhengziqiang/P2C 29 Nov 2017

We present an approach for learning to translate faces in the wild from the source photo domain to the target caricature domain with different styles, which can also be used for other high-level image-to-image translation tasks.

Alive Caricature from 2D to 3D

QianyiWu/Caricature-Data CVPR 2018

Caricature is an art form that expresses subjects in abstract, simple and exaggerated view.

Deep Cross Modal Learning for Caricature Verification and Identification(CaVINet)

lsaiml/CaVINet 31 Jul 2018

Further, recognizing the identity in the image by knowledge transfer using a combination of shared and modality specific representations, resulted in an unprecedented performance of 85% rank-1 accuracy for caricatures and 95% rank-1 accuracy for visual images.

Learning to Zoom: a Saliency-Based Sampling Layer for Neural Networks

recasens/Saliency-Sampler ECCV 2018

We introduce a saliency-based distortion layer for convolutional neural networks that helps to improve the spatial sampling of input data for a given task.

Weakly-supervised Caricature Face Parsing through Domain Adaptation

ZJULearning/CariFaceParsing 13 May 2019

However, current state-of-the-art face parsing methods require large amounts of labeled data on the pixel-level and such process for caricature is tedious and labor-intensive.

Dynamic Deep Multi-task Learning for Caricature-Visual Face Recognition

hengxyz/cari-visual-recognition-via-multitask-learning 8 Nov 2019

Rather than the visual images, the face recognition of the caricatures is far from the performance of the visual images.

3D-CariGAN: An End-to-End Solution to 3D Caricature Generation from Face Photos

qq775193759/3D-CariGAN 15 Mar 2020

The most challenging issue for our system is that the source domain of face photos (characterized by normal 2D faces) is significantly different from the target domain of 3D caricatures (characterized by 3D exaggerated face shapes and textures).

AutoToon: Automatic Geometric Warping for Face Cartoon Generation

adobe-research/AutoToon 6 Apr 2020

Caricature, a type of exaggerated artistic portrait, amplifies the distinctive, yet nuanced traits of human faces.

Landmark Detection and 3D Face Reconstruction for Caricature using a Nonlinear Parametric Model

Juyong/CaricatureFace 20 Apr 2020

To this end, we first build a dataset with various styles of 2D caricatures and their corresponding 3D shapes, and then build a parametric model on vertex based deformation space for 3D caricature face.