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Chatbot or conversational AI is a language model designed and implemented to have conversations with humans.

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A Two-Layer Dialogue Framework For Authoring Social Bots

dk000000000/WiseMacawAI 1st Proceedings of Alexa Prize (Alexa Prize 2017) 2017

We experimented with a range of conversational activities, such as providing news and playing games, and strategies for controlling the dialogue flow.

Modelling Domain Relationships for Transfer Learning on Retrieval-based Question Answering Systems in E-commerce

maddy6/LSTM_DEEP 23 Nov 2017

In this paper, we study transfer learning for the PI and NLI problems, aiming to propose a general framework, which can effectively and efficiently adapt the shared knowledge learned from a resource-rich source domain to a resource- poor target domain.

An Ontology-Based Dialogue Management System for Banking and Finance Dialogue Systems

TimKettenacker/puffin 13 Apr 2018

We introduce an ontology-based dialogue manage(OntoDM), a dialogue manager that keeps the state of the conversation, provides a basis for anaphora resolution and drives the conversation via domain ontologies.

Churn Intent Detection in Multilingual Chatbot Conversations and Social Media

swisscom/churn-intent-DE CONLL 2018

To this end, we crowdsource and publish a dataset of churn intent expressions in chatbot interactions in German and English.

Learning from Dialogue after Deployment: Feed Yourself, Chatbot!

murtrax/Self-Feeding-Chatbot-With-Context-Aware-Questions ACL 2019

As our agent engages in conversation, it also estimates user satisfaction in its responses.

Exploiting Persona Information for Diverse Generation of Conversational Responses

vsharecodes/percvae 29 May 2019

Giving conversational context with persona information to a chatbot, how to exploit the information to generate diverse and sustainable conversations is still a non-trivial task.

IIT Gandhinagar at SemEval-2019 Task 3: Contextual Emotion Detection Using Deep Learning

lingo-iitgn/emocontext-19 SEMEVAL 2019

Recent advancements in Internet and Mobile infrastructure have resulted in the development of faster and efficient platforms of communication.

Training Neural Response Selection for Task-Oriented Dialogue Systems

avidale/arxivarius ACL 2019

Despite their popularity in the chatbot literature, retrieval-based models have had modest impact on task-oriented dialogue systems, with the main obstacle to their application being the low-data regime of most task-oriented dialogue tasks.

Evaluation and Improvement of Chatbot Text Classification Data Quality Using Plausible Negative Examples

jobpal/nex-cv WS 2019

We describe and validate a metric for estimating multi-class classifier performance based on cross-validation and adapted for improvement of small, unbalanced natural-language datasets used in chatbot design.

A Multi-Turn Emotionally Engaging Dialog Model

yuboxie/meed 15 Aug 2019

Open-domain dialog systems (also known as chatbots) have increasingly drawn attention in natural language processing.