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Chatbot or conversational AI is a language model designed and implemented to have conversations with humans.

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Interpretable User Satisfaction Estimation for Conversational Systems with Large Language Models

no code yet • 19 Mar 2024

Accurate and interpretable user satisfaction estimation (USE) is critical for understanding, evaluating, and continuously improving conversational systems.

ClimateQ&A: Bridging the gap between climate scientists and the general public

no code yet • 18 Mar 2024

This research paper investigates public views on climate change and biodiversity loss by analyzing questions asked to the ClimateQ&A platform.

Regulating Chatbot Output via Inter-Informational Competition

no code yet • 17 Mar 2024

In fact, a trove of empirical evidence has demonstrated that market competition among information outlets can effectively mitigate most risks and that overreliance on regulation is not only unnecessary but detrimental, as well.

Large language model-powered chatbots for internationalizing student support in higher education

no code yet • 16 Mar 2024

This research explores the integration of chatbot technology powered by GPT-3. 5 and GPT-4 Turbo into higher education to enhance internationalization and leverage digital transformation.

AI on AI: Exploring the Utility of GPT as an Expert Annotator of AI Publications

no code yet • 14 Mar 2024

Identifying scientific publications that are within a dynamic field of research often requires costly annotation by subject-matter experts.

CuentosIE: can a chatbot about "tales with a message" help to teach emotional intelligence?

no code yet • 11 Mar 2024

In this article, we present CuentosIE (TalesEI: chatbot of tales with a message to develop Emotional Intelligence), an educational chatbot on emotions that also provides teachers and psychologists with a tool to monitor their students/patients through indicators and data compiled by CuentosIE.

ALTO: An Efficient Network Orchestrator for Compound AI Systems

no code yet • 7 Mar 2024

We present ALTO, a network orchestrator for efficiently serving compound AI systems such as pipelines of language models.

Explaining Genetic Programming Trees using Large Language Models

no code yet • 6 Mar 2024

In this research, we investigate the potential of leveraging eXplainable AI (XAI) and large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT to improve the interpretability of GP-based non-linear dimensionality reduction.

A General and Flexible Multi-concept Parsing Framework for Multilingual Semantic Matching

no code yet • 5 Mar 2024

Although DC-Match is a simple yet effective method for semantic matching, it highly depends on the external NER techniques to identify the keywords of sentences, which limits the performance of semantic matching for minor languages since satisfactory NER tools are usually hard to obtain.

Breeze-7B Technical Report

no code yet • 5 Mar 2024

Breeze-7B is an open-source language model based on Mistral-7B, designed to address the need for improved language comprehension and chatbot-oriented capabilities in Traditional Chinese.