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Chatbot or conversational AI is a language model designed and implemented to have conversations with humans.

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A Reinforcement Learning-based Offensive semantics Censorship System for Chatbots

no code yet • 13 Jul 2022

In addition, by integrating a once-through learning approach, the speed of semantics purification is accelerated while reducing the impact on the quality of replies.

Implementing a Chatbot Solution for Learning Management System

no code yet • 27 Jun 2022

Innovation is a key component in trying new solutions for the students to learn efficiently and in ways that correspond to their own experience, where chatbots are one of these new solutions.

Comparing informativeness of an NLG chatbot vs graphical app in diet-information domain

no code yet • 23 Jun 2022

Visual representation of data like charts and tables can be challenging to understand for readers.

Making the case for audience design in conversational AI: Rapport expectations and language ideologies in a task-oriented chatbot

no code yet • 21 Jun 2022

This paper argues that insights into users' language ideologies and their rapport expectations can be used to inform the audience design of the bot's language and interaction patterns and ensure equitable access to the services provided by bots.

AI Based Chatbot: An Approach of Utilizing On Customer Service Assistance

no code yet • 18 Jun 2022

This system will work based on the text as a conversational agent that can interact with humans by natural language.

Jewelry Shop Conversational Chatbot

no code yet • 9 Jun 2022

Since the advent of chatbots in the commercial sector, they have been widely employed in the customer service department.

Natural Language Sentence Generation from API Specifications

no code yet • 1 Jun 2022

APIs are everywhere; they provide access to automation solutions that could help businesses automate some of their tasks.

VIRATrustData: A Trust-Annotated Corpus of Human-Chatbot Conversations About COVID-19 Vaccines

no code yet • 24 May 2022

Public trust in medical information is crucial for successful application of public health policies such as vaccine uptake.

AFEC: A Knowledge Graph Capturing Social Intelligence in Casual Conversations

no code yet • 22 May 2022

The knowledge captured in this graph bears potential for conversational systems to understand how people offer acknowledgement, consoling, and a wide range of empathetic responses in social conversations.

A Low-Cost, Controllable and Interpretable Task-Oriented Chatbot: With Real-World After-Sale Services as Example

no code yet • 13 May 2022

Though widely used in industry, traditional task-oriented dialogue systems suffer from three bottlenecks: (i) difficult ontology construction (e. g., intents and slots); (ii) poor controllability and interpretability; (iii) annotation-hungry.