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Most implemented papers

HybridCite: A Hybrid Model for Context-Aware Citation Recommendation

ashwath92/HybridCite 15 Feb 2020

The process of recommending citations for citation contexts is called local citation recommendation and is the focus of this paper.

CDLM: Cross-Document Language Modeling

aviclu/cdlm Findings (EMNLP) 2021

We introduce a new pretraining approach geared for multi-document language modeling, incorporating two key ideas into the masked language modeling self-supervised objective.

Content-Based Citation Recommendation

allenai/citeomatic NAACL 2018

We present a content-based method for recommending citations in an academic paper draft.

hyperdoc2vec: Distributed Representations of Hypertext Documents

HelloRusk/hyperdoc2vec ACL 2018

Hypertext documents, such as web pages and academic papers, are of great importance in delivering information in our daily life.

Cross-language Citation Recommendation via Hierarchical Representation Learning on Heterogeneous Graph

GraphEmbedding/HRLHG 31 Dec 2018

While the volume of scholarly publications has increased at a frenetic pace, accessing and consuming the useful candidate papers, in very large digital libraries, is becoming an essential and challenging task for scholars.

A Context-Aware Citation Recommendation Model with BERT and Graph Convolutional Networks

TeamLab/bert-gcn-for-paper-citation 15 Mar 2019

Many researchers have utilized the text data called the context sentence, which surrounds the citation tag, and the metadata of the target paper to find the appropriate cited research.

Multi-Modal Adversarial Autoencoders for Recommendations of Citations and Subject Labels

lgalke/aae-recommender 22 Jul 2019

We present multi-modal adversarial autoencoders for recommendation and evaluate them on two different tasks: citation recommendation and subject label recommendation.

Citation Recommendation: Approaches and Datasets

ESBigeard/paper_graph 17 Feb 2020

In recent years, several approaches and evaluation data sets have been presented.

unarXive: A Large Scholarly Data Set with Publications' Full-Text, Annotated In-Text Citations, and Links to Metadata

IllDepence/unarXive Scientometrics 2020

The data set, which is made freely available for research purposes, not only can enhance the future evaluation of research paper-based and citation context-based approaches, but also serve as a basis for new ways to analyze in-text citations, as we show prototypically in this article.

Semantic Modelling of Citation Contexts for Context-aware Citation Recommendation

IllDepence/ecir2020 ECIR 2020

New research is being published at a rate, at which it is infeasible for many scholars to read and assess everything possibly relevant to their work.