Classification Of Hyperspectral Images

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Hyperspectral Image Classification with Attention Aided CNNs

weecology/DeepTreeAttention 25 May 2020

Specifically, a spectral attention sub-network and a spatial attention sub-network are proposed for spectral and spatial classification, respectively.

Classification Of Hyperspectral Images General Classification +1

BS-Nets: An End-to-End Framework For Band Selection of Hyperspectral Image

AngryCai/BS-Nets 17 Apr 2019

The framework consists of a band attention module (BAM), which aims to explicitly model the nonlinear inter-dependencies between spectral bands, and a reconstruction network (RecNet), which is used to restore the original HSI cube from the learned informative bands, resulting in a flexible architecture.

Classification Of Hyperspectral Images Hyperspectral Image Classification

Fast forward feature selection for the nonlinear classification of hyperspectral images

mfauvel/FFFS 5 Jan 2015

Experimental results for two real hyperspectral data sets show that the method performs very well in terms of classification accuracy and processing time.

Classification Of Hyperspectral Images Feature Selection +1

Three-Dimensional Fourier Scattering Transform and Classification of Hyperspectral Images

ilyakava/pyfst 17 Jun 2019

Recent developments in machine learning and signal processing have resulted in many new techniques that are able to effectively capture the intrinsic yet complex properties of hyperspectral imagery.

Anomaly Detection Classification Of Hyperspectral Images +2