Clickbait Detection

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Clickbait detection is the task of identifying clickbait, a form of false advertisement, that uses hyperlink text or a thumbnail link that is designed to attract attention and to entice users to follow that link and read, view, or listen to the linked piece of online content, with a defining characteristic of being deceptive, typically sensationalized or misleading (Source: Adapted from Wikipedia)

Most implemented papers

We used Neural Networks to Detect Clickbaits: You won't believe what happened Next!

ankeshanand/deep-clickbait-detection 5 Dec 2016

Online content publishers often use catchy headlines for their articles in order to attract users to their websites.

Using Neural Network for Identifying Clickbaits in Online News Media

clickbait-challenge/albacore 20 Jun 2018

Online news media sometimes use misleading headlines to lure users to open the news article.

Clickbait Detection in Tweets Using Self-attentive Network

zhouyiwei/cc 15 Oct 2017

Clickbait detection in tweets remains an elusive challenge.

A Two-Level Classification Approach for Detecting Clickbait Posts using Text-Based Features

clickbait-challenge/snapper 23 Oct 2017

The detector is based almost exclusively on text-based features taken from previous work on clickbait detection, our own work on fake post detection, and features we designed specifically for the challenge.

Clickbait Detection via Large Language Models

zhuyiyzu/chatgptforclickbait 16 Jun 2023

Clickbait, which aims to induce users with some surprising and even thrilling headlines for increasing click-through rates, permeates almost all online content publishers, such as news portals and social media.

A Novel Contrastive Learning Method for Clickbait Detection on RoCliCo: A Romanian Clickbait Corpus of News Articles

dariabroscoteanu/roclico 10 Oct 2023

Despite the importance of the task, to the best of our knowledge, there is no publicly available clickbait corpus for the Romanian language.

BaitBuster-Bangla: A Comprehensive Dataset for Clickbait Detection in Bangla with Multi-Feature and Multi-Modal Analysis

abdalimran/BaitBuster-Bangla 13 Oct 2023

This study presents a large multi-modal Bangla YouTube clickbait dataset consisting of 253, 070 data points collected through an automated process using the YouTube API and Python web automation frameworks.

BanglaBait: Semi-Supervised Adversarial Approach for Clickbait Detection on Bangla Clickbait Dataset

mdmotaharmahtab/banglabait 10 Nov 2023

We expect that this dataset and the detailed analysis and comparison of these clickbait detection models will provide a fundamental basis for future research into detecting clickbait titles in Bengali articles.