Cloud Detection

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Most implemented papers

Multi-label Cloud Segmentation Using a Deep Network

Soumyabrata/multilabel-unet 15 Mar 2019

Different empirical models have been developed for cloud detection.

CloudSegNet: A Deep Network for Nychthemeron Cloud Image Segmentation

Soumyabrata/CloudSegNet 16 Apr 2019

In the existing literature, however, analysis of daytime and nighttime images is considered separately, mainly because of differences in image characteristics and applications.

A framework for deep learning emulation of numerical models with a case study in satellite remote sensing

kateduffy/maiac-emulator 29 Oct 2019

A difficult test for deep learning-based emulation, which refers to function approximation of numerical models, is to understand whether they can be comparable to traditional forms of surrogate models in terms of computational efficiency while simultaneously reproducing model results in a credible manner.

Artificial neural networks for cloud masking of Sentinel-2 ocean images with noise and sunglint

vkristoll/cloud-masking-ANNs 26 Jan 2020

It was shown that the ANNs trained on the second dataset perform very favourably, in contrast to the ANNs trained on the first dataset that fails to adequately represent the spectra of the noisy Sentinel-2 images.

Cross-Sensor Adversarial Domain Adaptation of Landsat-8 and Proba-V images for Cloud Detection

IPL-UV/pvl8dagans 10 Jun 2020

In addition, the training of the proposed adversarial domain adaptation model can be modified to improve the performance in a specific remote sensing application, such as cloud detection, by including a dedicated term in the cost function.

Fine-Tuning Self-Organizing Maps for Sentinel-2 Imagery: Separating Clouds from Bright Surfaces

vkristoll/cloud-masking-SOMs 14 Jun 2020

This study evaluated a SOM for cloud masking Sentinel-2 images and proposed a fine-tuning methodology to separate clouds from bright land areas.

Convolutional neural networks for detecting challenging cases in cloud masking using Sentinel-2 imagery

vkristoll/cloud-masking-CNNs 26 Aug 2020

Cloud contamination represents a large obstacle for mapping the earth’s surface using remotely sensed data.