Code Comment Generation

3 papers with code • 1 benchmarks • 2 datasets

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Most implemented papers

CoNT: Contrastive Neural Text Generation

google-research-datasets/ToTTo 29 May 2022

We validate CoNT on five generation tasks with ten benchmarks, including machine translation, summarization, code comment generation, data-to-text generation and commonsense generation.

Retrieve and Refine: Exemplar-based Neural Comment Generation

Gompyn/re2com-opensource 9 Oct 2020

Inspired by the IR-based and template-based approaches, in this paper, we propose a neural comment generation approach where we use the existing comments of similar code snippets as exemplars to guide comment generation.

CodeTrans: Towards Cracking the Language of Silicon's Code Through Self-Supervised Deep Learning and High Performance Computing

agemagician/CodeTrans 6 Apr 2021

Simultaneously, the transformer model, especially its combination with transfer learning, has been proven to be a powerful technique for natural language processing tasks.