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LightGCN: Simplifying and Powering Graph Convolution Network for Recommendation

microsoft/recommenders 6 Feb 2020

We propose a new model named LightGCN, including only the most essential component in GCN -- neighborhood aggregation -- for collaborative filtering.

Collaborative Filtering Graph Classification +1

Neural Collaborative Filtering

microsoft/recommenders WWW 2017

When it comes to model the key factor in collaborative filtering -- the interaction between user and item features, they still resorted to matrix factorization and applied an inner product on the latent features of users and items.

Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Systems +1

StarSpace: Embed All The Things!

facebookresearch/ParlAI 12 Sep 2017

A framework for training and evaluating AI models on a variety of openly available dialogue datasets.

Collaborative Filtering Text Classification +1

Mixed Dimension Embeddings with Application to Memory-Efficient Recommendation Systems

facebookresearch/dlrm 25 Sep 2019

Embedding representations power machine intelligence in many applications, including recommendation systems, but they are space intensive -- potentially occupying hundreds of gigabytes in large-scale settings.

Click-Through Rate Prediction Collaborative Filtering +1

Training Deep AutoEncoders for Collaborative Filtering

NVIDIA/DeepRecommender 5 Aug 2017

Our model is based on deep autoencoder with 6 layers and is trained end-to-end without any layer-wise pre-training.

Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Systems

On the Difficulty of Evaluating Baselines: A Study on Recommender Systems

srendle/libfm 4 May 2019

Numerical evaluations with comparisons to baselines play a central role when judging research in recommender systems.

Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Systems

SDM: Sequential Deep Matching Model for Online Large-scale Recommender System

shenweichen/deepmatch 1 Sep 2019

In this paper, we propose a new sequential deep matching (SDM) model to capture users' dynamic preferences by combining short-term sessions and long-term behaviors.

Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Systems

RecBole: Towards a Unified, Comprehensive and Efficient Framework for Recommendation Algorithms

RUCAIBox/RecBole 3 Nov 2020

In this library, we implement 73 recommendation models on 28 benchmark datasets, covering the categories of general recommendation, sequential recommendation, context-aware recommendation and knowledge-based recommendation.

Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Systems

A Troubling Analysis of Reproducibility and Progress in Recommender Systems Research

MaurizioFD/RecSys2019_DeepLearning_Evaluation 18 Nov 2019

In our analysis, we discuss common issues in today's research practice, which, despite the many papers that are published on the topic, have apparently led the field to a certain level of stagnation.

Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Systems