Color Constancy

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Color Constancy is the ability of the human vision system to perceive the colors of the objects in the scene largely invariant to the color of the light source. The task of computational Color Constancy is to estimate the scene illumination and then perform the chromatic adaptation in order to remove the influence of the illumination color on the colors of the objects in the scene.

Source: CroP: Color Constancy Benchmark Dataset Generator

Most implemented papers

A Benchmark for Temporal Color Constancy

matteo-rizzo/saliency-faithfulness-eval 8 Mar 2020

The conventional approach is to use a single frame - shot frame - to estimate the scene illumination color.

Fast Fourier Color Constancy

google/ffcc CVPR 2017

We present Fast Fourier Color Constancy (FFCC), a color constancy algorithm which solves illuminant estimation by reducing it to a spatial localization task on a torus.

FC4: Fully Convolutional Color Constancy With Confidence-Weighted Pooling

yuanming-hu/fc4 CVPR 2017

However, the patch-based CNNs that exist for this problem are faced with the issue of estimation ambiguity, where a patch may contain insufficient information to establish a unique or even a limited possible range of illumination colors.

Semantic White Balance: Semantic Color Constancy Using Convolutional Neural Network

mahmoudnafifi/Semantic-Color-Constancy-Using-CNN 1 Feb 2018

The goal of computational color constancy is to preserve the perceptive colors of objects under different lighting conditions by removing the effect of color casts caused by the scene's illumination.

Revisiting Gray Pixel for Statistical Illumination Estimation

yanlinqian/Mean-shifted-Gray-Pixel 22 Mar 2018

We present a statistical color constancy method that relies on novel gray pixel detection and mean shift clustering.

Color Constancy by Reweighting Image Feature Maps

QiuJueqin/Reweight-CC 25 Jun 2018

In this study, a novel illuminant color estimation framework is proposed for computational color constancy, which incorporates the high representational capacity of deep-learning-based models and the great interpretability of assumption-based models.

Decoupling Semantic Context and Color Correlation with multi-class cross branch regularization

tejgvsl/Color-constancy 18 Oct 2018

This paper presents a novel design methodology for architecting a light-weight and faster DNN architecture for vision applications.

Conditional GANs for Multi-Illuminant Color Constancy: Revolution or Yet Another Approach?

acecreamu/angularGAN 15 Nov 2018

Non-uniform and multi-illuminant color constancy are important tasks, the solution of which will allow to discard information about lighting conditions in the image.

Artificial Color Constancy via GoogLeNet with Angular Loss Function

acecreamu/color-constancy-googlenet 20 Nov 2018

Color Constancy is the ability of the human visual system to perceive colors unchanged independently of the illumination.

The Visual Centrifuge: Model-Free Layered Video Representations

albert100121/MLVR-Pytorch CVPR 2019

True video understanding requires making sense of non-lambertian scenes where the color of light arriving at the camera sensor encodes information about not just the last object it collided with, but about multiple mediums -- colored windows, dirty mirrors, smoke or rain.