Compiler Optimization

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Machine learning guided compiler optimization

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EasyTransfer -- A Simple and Scalable Deep Transfer Learning Platform for NLP Applications

alibaba/EasyNLP 18 Nov 2020

The literature has witnessed the success of leveraging Pre-trained Language Models (PLMs) and Transfer Learning (TL) algorithms to a wide range of Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications, yet it is not easy to build an easy-to-use and scalable TL toolkit for this purpose.

Compiler Optimization for Quantum Computing Using Reinforcement Learning

cda-tum/mqtpredictor 8 Dec 2022

Any quantum computing application, once encoded as a quantum circuit, must be compiled before being executable on a quantum computer.

Robust Scheduling with GFlowNets

saleml/gfn 17 Jan 2023

Finding the best way to schedule operations in a computation graph is a classical NP-hard problem which is central to compiler optimization.

CompilerGym: Robust, Performant Compiler Optimization Environments for AI Research

facebookresearch/CompilerGym 17 Sep 2021

What is needed is an easy, reusable experimental infrastructure for real world compiler optimization tasks that can serve as a common benchmark for comparing techniques, and as a platform to accelerate progress in the field.

CPrune: Compiler-Informed Model Pruning for Efficient Target-Aware DNN Execution

taehokim20/cprune 4 Jul 2022

We propose CPrune, a compiler-informed model pruning for efficient target-aware DNN execution to support an application with a required target accuracy.

Ginex: SSD-enabled Billion-scale Graph Neural Network Training on a Single Machine via Provably Optimal In-memory Caching

snu-arc/ginex 19 Aug 2022

Thus, we propose Ginex, the first SSD-based GNN training system that can process billion-scale graph datasets on a single machine.

SimCLF: A Simple Contrastive Learning Framework for Function-level Binary Embeddings

iamawhalez/fun2vec 6 Sep 2022

A practical embedding learning framework relies on the robustness of the assembly code representation and the accuracy of function-pair annotation, which is traditionally accomplished using supervised learning-based frameworks.

BaCO: A Fast and Portable Bayesian Compiler Optimization Framework

baco-authors/baco 1 Dec 2022

We introduce the Bayesian Compiler Optimization framework (BaCO), a general purpose autotuner for modern compilers targeting CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs.

White-box Compiler Fuzzing Empowered by Large Language Models

ise-uiuc/whitefox 24 Oct 2023

Nonetheless, prompting LLMs with compiler source-code information remains a missing piece of research in compiler testing.

Optimization of Armv9 architecture general large language model inference performance based on Llama.cpp

longhao-chen/aicas2024 16 Jun 2024

This article optimizes the inference performance of the Qwen-1. 8B model by performing Int8 quantization, vectorizing some operators in llama. cpp, and modifying the compilation script to improve the compiler optimization level.