Complex Word Identification

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Identifying difficult words or expressions in a text.


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cs60075_team2 at SemEval-2021 Task 1 : Lexical Complexity Prediction using Transformer-based Language Models pre-trained on various text corpora

abhi1nandy2/CS60075-Team-2-Task-1 4 Jun 2021

This paper describes the performance of the team cs60075_team2 at SemEval 2021 Task 1 - Lexical Complexity Prediction.

Strong Baselines for Complex Word Identification across Multiple Languages

sheffieldnlp/cwi NAACL 2019

Complex Word Identification (CWI) is the task of identifying which words or phrases in a sentence are difficult to understand by a target audience.

Complex Word Identification as a Sequence Labelling Task

siangooding/cwi ACL 2019

Complex Word Identification (CWI) is concerned with detection of words in need of simplification and is a crucial first step in a simplification pipeline.

CompLex: A New Corpus for Lexical Complexity Prediction from Likert Scale Data

neilrs123/Lexical-Complexity-Prediction 16 Mar 2020

With a few exceptions, previous studies have approached the task as a binary classification task in which systems predict a complexity value (complex vs. non-complex) for a set of target words in a text.

Detecting Multiword Expression Type Helps Lexical Complexity Assessment

ekochmar/MWE-CWI LREC 2020

In this work, we re-annotate the Complex Word Identification Shared Task 2018 dataset of Yimam et al. (2017), which provides complexity scores for a range of lexemes, with the types of MWEs.

A User-Centered Evaluation of Spanish Text Simplification

microsoft/breve-claro 15 Aug 2023

We present an evaluation of text simplification (TS) in Spanish for a production system, by means of two corpora focused in both complex-sentence and complex-word identification.