Compressive Sensing

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Compressive Sensing is a new signal processing framework for efficiently acquiring and reconstructing a signal that have a sparse representation in a fixed linear basis.

Source: Sparse Estimation with Generalized Beta Mixture and the Horseshoe Prior

Latest papers with code

SNIPS: Solving Noisy Inverse Problems Stochastically

bahjat-kawar/snips_torch 31 May 2021

In this work we introduce a novel stochastic algorithm dubbed SNIPS, which draws samples from the posterior distribution of any linear inverse problem, where the observation is assumed to be contaminated by additive white Gaussian noise.

Compressive Sensing Deblurring +1

31 May 2021

A Low-Complexity MIMO Channel Estimator with Implicit Structure of a Convolutional Neural Network

tum-msv/mimo-cnn-est 26 Apr 2021

A low-complexity convolutional neural network estimator which learns the minimum mean squared error channel estimator for single-antenna users was recently proposed.

Compressive Sensing

26 Apr 2021

ISTA-Net++: Flexible Deep Unfolding Network for Compressive Sensing

jianzhangcs/ISTA-Netpp 22 Mar 2021

While deep neural networks have achieved impressive success in image compressive sensing (CS), most of them lack flexibility when dealing with multi-ratio tasks and multi-scene images in practical applications.

Compressive Sensing

22 Mar 2021

Generalization Bounds for Sparse Random Feature Expansions

GiangTTran/SparseRandomFeatures 4 Mar 2021

In particular, we provide uniform bounds on the approximation error and generalization bounds for functions in a certain class (that is dense in a reproducing kernel Hilbert space) depending on the number of samples and the distribution of features.

Compressive Sensing Generalization Bounds

04 Mar 2021

Memory-Efficient Network for Large-scale Video Compressive Sensing

BoChenGroup/RevSCI-net 4 Mar 2021

With the knowledge of masks, optimization algorithms or deep learning methods are employed to reconstruct the desired high-speed video frames from this snapshot measurement.

Compressive Sensing Demosaicking +1

04 Mar 2021

MetaSCI: Scalable and Adaptive Reconstruction for Video Compressive Sensing

xyvirtualgroup/MetaSCI-CVPR2021 2 Mar 2021

To capture high-speed videos using a two-dimensional detector, video snapshot compressive imaging (SCI) is a promising system, where the video frames are coded by different masks and then compressed to a snapshot measurement.

Compressive Sensing Video Compressive Sensing

02 Mar 2021

OpenICS: Open Image Compressive Sensing Toolbox and Benchmark

PSCLab-ASU/OpenICS 28 Feb 2021

We present OpenICS, an image compressive sensing toolbox that includes multiple image compressive sensing and reconstruction algorithms proposed in the past decade.

Compressive Sensing

28 Feb 2021

CLNet: Complex Input Lightweight Neural Network designed for Massive MIMO CSI Feedback

SIJIEJI/CLNet 15 Feb 2021

With the growing complexity of CSI, CSI feedback in massive MIMO system has become a bottleneck problem, the traditional compressive sensing based CSI feedback approaches have limited performance.

Compressive Sensing Quantization

15 Feb 2021

Measuring Robustness in Deep Learning Based Compressive Sensing

MLI-lab/Robustness-CS 11 Feb 2021

In order to understand the sensitivity to such perturbations, in this work, we measure the robustness of different approaches for image reconstruction including trained and un-trained neural networks as well as traditional sparsity-based methods.

Compressive Sensing Image Reconstruction

11 Feb 2021

AMPA-Net: Optimization-Inspired Attention Neural Network for Deep Compressed Sensing

puallee/AMPA-Net 14 Oct 2020

To achieve fast and accurate CS reconstruction, we synthesize the advantages of two well-known methods (neural network and optimization algorithm) to propose a novel optimization inspired neural network which dubbed AMP-Net.

Compressive Sensing

14 Oct 2020