Concept-To-Text Generation

3 papers with code • 1 benchmarks • 1 datasets

Generating natural language text from a conceptualized representation, such as an ontology.

Most implemented papers

Neural Text Generation from Structured Data with Application to the Biography Domain

tyliupku/wiki2bio EMNLP 2016

This paper introduces a neural model for concept-to-text generation that scales to large, rich domains.

SAPPHIRE: Approaches for Enhanced Concept-to-Text Generation

styfeng/sapphire INLG (ACL) 2021

We motivate and propose a suite of simple but effective improvements for concept-to-text generation called SAPPHIRE: Set Augmentation and Post-hoc PHrase Infilling and REcombination.

Retrieve, Caption, Generate: Visual Grounding for Enhancing Commonsense in Text Generation Models

styfeng/visctg AKBC Workshop CSKB 2021

We investigate the use of multimodal information contained in images as an effective method for enhancing the commonsense of Transformer models for text generation.