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Improving J-divergence of brain connectivity states by graph Laplacian denoising

no code yet • 21 Dec 2020

Using our novel formulation of the J-divergence, we are able to quantify the distance between the FC networks in the motor imagery and resting states, as well as to understand the contribution of each Laplacian variable to the total J-divergence between two states.

Connectivity Estimation Denoising +1

Distance Correlation Based Brain Functional Connectivity Estimation and Non-Convex Multi-Task Learning for Developmental fMRI Studies

no code yet • 30 Sep 2020

Resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging (rs-fMRI)-derived functional connectivity patterns have been extensively utilized to delineate global functional organization of the human brain in health, development, and neuropsychiatric disorders.

Connectivity Estimation Multi-Task Learning

Connectivity estimation of high dimensional data recorded from neuronal cells

no code yet • 1 May 2020

Datasets were simulated in different ways and analysed in order to develop an evaluation framework.

Connectivity Estimation

A Unified Probabilistic Model for Learning Latent Factors and Their Connectivities from High-Dimensional Data

no code yet • 24 May 2018

We propose a probabilistic model which simultaneously performs both a grouping of variables (i. e., detecting community structure) and estimation of connectivities between the groups which correspond to latent variables.

Connectivity Estimation