Connectivity Estimation

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Online neural connectivity estimation with ensemble stimulation

pearsonlab/BinaryStim NeurIPS 2020

One of the primary goals of systems neuroscience is to relate the structure of neural circuits to their function, yet patterns of connectivity are difficult to establish when recording from large populations in behaving organisms.

Bayesian Inference Connectivity Estimation

27 Jul 2020

Learning to Cluster Faces via Confidence and Connectivity Estimation

yl-1993/learn-to-cluster CVPR 2020

With the vertex confidence and edge connectivity, we can naturally organize more relevant vertices on the affinity graph and group them into clusters.

Connectivity Estimation Face Clustering

01 Apr 2020

A Constrained, Weighted-L1 Minimization Approach for Joint Discovery of Heterogeneous Neural Connectivity Graphs

QData/SIMULE arXiv 2017

Determining functional brain connectivity is crucial to understanding the brain and neural differences underlying disorders such as autism.

Connectivity Estimation

13 Sep 2017

Differential Covariance: A New Class of Methods to Estimate Sparse Connectivity from Neural Recordings

tigerwlin/diffCov 8 Jun 2017

In all of our simulated data, the differential covariance-based methods achieved better or similar performance to the GLM method and required fewer data samples.

Connectivity Estimation

08 Jun 2017