Contact Detection

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Static-friction contact detection in legged locomotion


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Capturing and Inferring Dense Full-Body Human-Scene Contact

paulchhuang/bstro CVPR 2022

We capture a new dataset called RICH for "Real scenes, Interaction, Contact and Humans."

On discrete symmetries of robotics systems: A group-theoretic and data-driven analysis

danfoa/robotequivariantnn 21 Feb 2023

We present a comprehensive study on discrete morphological symmetries of dynamical systems, which are commonly observed in biological and artificial locomoting systems, such as legged, swimming, and flying animals/robots/virtual characters.

Populating 3D Scenes by Learning Human-Scene Interaction

mohamedhassanmus/POSA CVPR 2021

Second, we show that POSA's learned representation of body-scene interaction supports monocular human pose estimation that is consistent with a 3D scene, improving on the state of the art.

Do Pedestrians Pay Attention? Eye Contact Detection in the Wild

vita-epfl/looking 8 Dec 2021

In urban or crowded environments, humans rely on eye contact for fast and efficient communication with nearby people.

Robust Contact State Estimation in Humanoid Walking Gaits

michaelmarav/lcd 30 Jul 2022

The framework is quantitatively and qualitatively assessed in simulation via the use of ground-truth contact data and is contrasted against state of-the-art methods with an ATLAS, a NAO, and a TALOS humanoid robot.

Learning Video-independent Eye Contact Segmentation from In-the-Wild Videos

ut-vision/video-independent-ecs 5 Oct 2022

In this work, we address the task of one-way eye contact detection for videos in the wild.

Reconstructing Three-Dimensional Models of Interacting Humans

sminchisescu-research/imar_vision_datasets_tools 3 Aug 2023

Understanding 3d human interactions is fundamental for fine-grained scene analysis and behavioural modeling.

DECO: Dense Estimation of 3D Human-Scene Contact In The Wild

sha2nkt/deco ICCV 2023

In contrast, we focus on inferring dense, 3D contact between the full body surface and objects in arbitrary images.

Subtle Signals: Video-based Detection of Infant Non-nutritive Sucking as a Neurodevelopmental Cue

ostadabbas/nns-detection-and-segmentation 24 Oct 2023

Non-nutritive sucking (NNS), which refers to the act of sucking on a pacifier, finger, or similar object without nutrient intake, plays a crucial role in assessing healthy early development.

Non-contact photoacoustic imaging with a silicon photonics-based Laser Doppler Vibrometer

edieussa/pa_data_and_figures 14 Feb 2024

While other non-contact detection methods can be bulky, in this paper, we demonstrate compact and contactless detection of photoacoustic signals on silicone samples embedded with ink-filled channels, mimicking tissue with blood-carrying veins.