Content-Based Image Retrieval

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Content-Based Image Retrieval is a well studied problem in computer vision, with retrieval problems generally divided into two groups: category-level retrieval and instance-level retrieval. Given a query image of the Sydney Harbour bridge, for instance, category-level retrieval aims to find any bridge in a given dataset of images, whilst instance-level retrieval must find the Sydney Harbour bridge to be considered a match.

Source: Camera Obscurer: Generative Art for Design Inspiration

Greatest papers with code

Classification is a Strong Baseline for Deep Metric Learning

microsoft/computervision-recipes 30 Nov 2018

Deep metric learning aims to learn a function mapping image pixels to embedding feature vectors that model the similarity between images.

Binarization Classification +4

PyRetri: A PyTorch-based Library for Unsupervised Image Retrieval by Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

PyRetri/PyRetri 2 May 2020

Despite significant progress of applying deep learning methods to the field of content-based image retrieval, there has not been a software library that covers these methods in a unified manner.

Content-Based Image Retrieval

Dual-Path Convolutional Image-Text Embeddings with Instance Loss

layumi/Image-Text-Embedding 15 Nov 2017

In this paper, we propose a new system to discriminatively embed the image and text to a shared visual-textual space.

Content-Based Image Retrieval Cross-Modal Retrieval +4

Content-based image retrieval tutorial

kirk86/ImageRetrieval 12 Aug 2016

This paper functions as a tutorial for individuals interested to enter the field of information retrieval but wouldn't know where to begin from.

Content-Based Image Retrieval Information Retrieval

Socializing the Semantic Gap: A Comparative Survey on Image Tag Assignment, Refinement and Retrieval

li-xirong/jingwei 28 Mar 2015

Where previous reviews on content-based image retrieval emphasize on what can be seen in an image to bridge the semantic gap, this survey considers what people tag about an image.

Content-Based Image Retrieval

Multimedia Retrieval Through Unsupervised Hypergraph-Based Manifold Ranking

UDLF/UDLF 1 Dec 2019

In this paper, a novel manifold ranking algorithm is proposed based on the hypergraphs for unsupervised multimedia retrieval tasks.

Content-Based Image Retrieval Video Retrieval

Enhancing Flood Impact Analysis using Interactive Retrieval of Social Media Images

cvjena/eu-flood-dataset 9 Aug 2019

The analysis of natural disasters such as floods in a timely manner often suffers from limited data due to a coarse distribution of sensors or sensor failures.

Content-Based Image Retrieval

Who's Afraid of Adversarial Queries? The Impact of Image Modifications on Content-based Image Retrieval

liuzrcc/PIRE 29 Jan 2019

An adversarial query is an image that has been modified to disrupt content-based image retrieval (CBIR) while appearing nearly untouched to the human eye.

Content-Based Image Retrieval

Automatic Query Image Disambiguation for Content-Based Image Retrieval

cvjena/aid 2 Nov 2017

Query images presented to content-based image retrieval systems often have various different interpretations, making it difficult to identify the search objective pursued by the user.

Content-Based Image Retrieval

Information-Theoretic Active Learning for Content-Based Image Retrieval

cvjena/ITAL 7 Sep 2018

We propose Information-Theoretic Active Learning (ITAL), a novel batch-mode active learning method for binary classification, and apply it for acquiring meaningful user feedback in the context of content-based image retrieval.

Active Learning Content-Based Image Retrieval