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Emerging Properties in Self-Supervised Vision Transformers

lucidrains/vit-pytorch 29 Apr 2021

In this paper, we question if self-supervised learning provides new properties to Vision Transformer (ViT) that stand out compared to convolutional networks (convnets).

Copy Detection Self-Supervised Image Classification +3

The 2021 Image Similarity Dataset and Challenge

facebookresearch/isc2021 17 Jun 2021

The goal is to determine whether a query image is a modified copy of any image in a reference corpus of size 1~million.

Copy Detection Misinformation

Video Re-localization

fengyang0317/video_reloc ECCV 2018

We first exploit and reorganize the videos in ActivityNet to form a new dataset for video re-localization research, which consists of about 10, 000 videos of diverse visual appearances associated with localized boundary information.

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