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Inverse-Category-Frequency based supervised term weighting scheme for text categorization

zveryansky/textvec 13 Dec 2010

Term weighting schemes often dominate the performance of many classifiers, such as kNN, centroid-based classifier and SVMs.

Readability-based Sentence Ranking for Evaluating Text Simplification

nishkalavallabhi/complexity-features 18 Mar 2016

We propose a new method for evaluating the readability of simplified sentences through pair-wise ranking.

Generative Adversarial Nets for Multiple Text Corpora

baiyangwang/emgan 25 Dec 2017

Generative adversarial nets (GANs) have been successfully applied to the artificial generation of image data.

Transfer Learning for Improving Speech Emotion Classification Accuracy

raulsteleac/Speech_Emotion_Recognition 19 Jan 2018

The majority of existing speech emotion recognition research focuses on automatic emotion detection using training and testing data from same corpus collected under the same conditions.

Cross Lingual Speech Emotion Recognition: Urdu vs. Western Languages

siddiquelatif/URDU-Dataset 15 Dec 2018

Cross-lingual speech emotion recognition is an important task for practical applications.

A novel policy for pre-trained Deep Reinforcement Learning for Speech Emotion Recognition

jayaneetha/Zeta-Policy 4 Jan 2021

In addition, extended learning period is a general challenge for deep RL which can impact the speed of learning for SER.

Accounting for Variations in Speech Emotion Recognition with Nonparametric Hierarchical Neural Network

lance-ying/NHNN 9 Sep 2021

In recent years, deep-learning-based speech emotion recognition models have outperformed classical machine learning models.

A Neural Pairwise Ranking Model for Readability Assessment

jlee118/nprm Findings (ACL) 2022

Automatic Readability Assessment (ARA), the task of assigning a reading level to a text, is traditionally treated as a classification problem in NLP research.

Dawn of the transformer era in speech emotion recognition: closing the valence gap

audeering/w2v2-how-to 14 Mar 2022

Recent advances in transformer-based architectures which are pre-trained in self-supervised manner have shown great promise in several machine learning tasks.