Cross-View Image-to-Image Translation

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Multi-Channel Attention Selection GAN with Cascaded Semantic Guidance for Cross-View Image Translation

Ha0Tang/SelectionGAN CVPR 2019

In this paper, we propose a novel approach named Multi-Channel Attention SelectionGAN (SelectionGAN) that makes it possible to generate images of natural scenes in arbitrary viewpoints, based on an image of the scene and a novel semantic map.

Bird View Synthesis Cross-View Image-to-Image Translation

Cross-view image synthesis using geometry-guided conditional GANs

kregmi/cross-view-image-synthesis 14 Aug 2018

For this, we propose to use homography as a guide to map the images between the views based on the common field of view to preserve the details in the input image.

Cross-View Image-to-Image Translation Image Generation

Cross-View Image Matching for Geo-localization in Urban Environments

viibridges/crossnet CVPR 2017

Next, for each building in the query image, we retrieve the $k$ nearest neighbors from the reference buildings using a Siamese network trained on both positive matching image pairs and negative pairs.

Cross-View Image-to-Image Translation Image Classification +1