Cross-Modal Person Re-Identification

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Parameter Sharing Exploration and Hetero-Center based Triplet Loss for Visible-Thermal Person Re-Identification

hijune6/Hetero-center-triplet-loss-for-VT-Re-ID 14 Aug 2020

By well splitting the ResNet50 model to construct the modality-specific feature extracting network and modality-sharing feature embedding network, we experimentally demonstrate the effect of parameters sharing of two-stream network for VT Re-ID.

Cross-Modal Person Re-Identification

Strong but Simple Baseline with Dual-Granularity Triplet Loss for Visible-Thermal Person Re-Identification

hijune6/DGTL-for-VT-ReID 9 Dec 2020

In this letter, we propose a conceptually simple and effective dual-granularity triplet loss for visible-thermal person re-identification (VT-ReID).

Cross-Modal Person Re-Identification