Cultural Vocal Bursts Intensity Prediction

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to predict the intensity of 40 culture-specific emotions (10 emotions from each culture)


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Storywrangler: A massive exploratorium for sociolinguistic, cultural, socioeconomic, and political timelines using Twitter

compstorylab/storywrangler 25 Jul 2020

In real-time, social media data strongly imprints world events, popular culture, and day-to-day conversations by millions of ordinary people at a scale that is scarcely conventionalized and recorded.

Changing Fashion Cultures

cvpaperchallenge/FashionCultureDataBase_DLoader 23 Mar 2017

The paper presents a novel concept that analyzes and visualizes worldwide fashion trends.

r/Fakeddit: A New Multimodal Benchmark Dataset for Fine-grained Fake News Detection

entitize/fakeddit 10 Nov 2019

We construct hybrid text+image models and perform extensive experiments for multiple variations of classification, demonstrating the importance of the novel aspect of multimodality and fine-grained classification unique to Fakeddit.

The ACII 2022 Affective Vocal Bursts Workshop & Competition: Understanding a critically understudied modality of emotional expression

humeai/competitions 7 Jul 2022

The ACII Affective Vocal Bursts Workshop & Competition is focused on understanding multiple affective dimensions of vocal bursts: laughs, gasps, cries, screams, and many other non-linguistic vocalizations central to the expression of emotion and to human communication more generally.

A Century of Portraits: A Visual Historical Record of American High School Yearbooks

katerakelly/yearbook-dating 9 Nov 2015

4) A new method for discovering and displaying the visual elements used by the CNN-based date-prediction model to date portraits, finding that they correspond to the tell-tale fashions of each era.

Survey of Artificial Intelligence for Card Games and Its Application to the Swiss Game Jass

tobiasemrich/SchafkopfRL 11 Jun 2019

Jass is a very popular card game in Switzerland and is closely connected with Swiss culture.

Resources for Turkish Dependency Parsing: Introducing the BOUN Treebank and the BoAT Annotation Tool

UniversalDependencies/UD_Turkish-BOUN 24 Feb 2020

In addition, we report the parsing results of a state-of-the-art dependency parser obtained over the BOUN Treebank as well as two other treebanks in Turkish.

MosAIc: Finding Artistic Connections across Culture with Conditional Image Retrieval

Azure/mmlspark 14 Jul 2020

We introduce MosAIc, an interactive web app that allows users to find pairs of semantically related artworks that span different cultures, media, and millennia.

Sentimental LIAR: Extended Corpus and Deep Learning Models for Fake Claim Classification

UNHSAILLab/SentimentalLIAR 1 Sep 2020

The rampant integration of social media in our every day lives and culture has given rise to fast and easier access to the flow of information than ever in human history.

The effects of incentives, social norms, and employees' values on work performance

vepabm/invano-public 2 Jul 2021

This agent-based model contributes to a theory of corporate culture in which company performance and employees' behaviour result from the interaction between financial incentives, motivational factors and endogenous social norms.