Deception Detection

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The Mafiascum Dataset: A Large Text Corpus for Deception Detection

bopjesvla/thesis 19 Nov 2018

Detecting deception in natural language has a wide variety of applications, but because of its hidden nature there are currently no public, large-scale sources of labeled deceptive text.

Explain, Edit, and Understand: Rethinking User Study Design for Evaluating Model Explanations

siddhu001/evaluating-explanations 17 Dec 2021

Through our evaluation, we observe that for a linear bag-of-words model, participants with access to the feature coefficients during training are able to cause a larger reduction in model confidence in the testing phase when compared to the no-explanation control.

Can lies be faked? Comparing low-stakes and high-stakes deception video datasets from a Machine Learning perspective

MahatKC/CanLiesBeFaked 23 Nov 2022

Despite the great impact of lies in human societies and a meager 54% human accuracy for Deception Detection (DD), Machine Learning systems that perform automated DD are still not viable for proper application in real-life settings due to data scarcity.