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Benchmarking machine learning models on multi-centre eICU critical care dataset

mostafaalishahi/eICU_Benchmark 2 Oct 2019

This is the first public benchmark on a multi-centre critical care dataset, comparing the performance of clinical gold standard with our predictive model.

Predicting Mortality Risk in Viral and Unspecified Pneumonia to Assist Clinicians with COVID-19 ECMO Planning

hlzhou/peer-score 2 Jun 2020

Finally, the PEER score is provided in the form of a nomogram for direct calculation of patient risk, and can be used to highlight at-risk patients among critical care patients eligible for ECMO.

Temporal Label Smoothing for Early Event Prediction

ratschlab/tls 29 Aug 2022

TLS reduces the number of missed events by up to a factor of two over previously used approaches in early event prediction.