Depth Anomaly Detection and Segmentation

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Depth-only Anomaly Detection and Segmentation


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The MVTec 3D-AD Dataset for Unsupervised 3D Anomaly Detection and Localization

openvinotoolkit/anomalib 16 Dec 2021

We introduce the first comprehensive 3D dataset for the task of unsupervised anomaly detection and localization.

Back to the Feature: Classical 3D Features are (Almost) All You Need for 3D Anomaly Detection

eliahuhorwitz/3D-ADS 10 Mar 2022

We utilize a recently introduced 3D anomaly detection dataset to evaluate whether or not using 3D information is a lost opportunity.

Complementary Pseudo Multimodal Feature for Point Cloud Anomaly Detection

caoyunkang/CPMF 23 Mar 2023

The 3D and 2D modality features are aggregated to obtain the CPMF for PCD anomaly detection.