Developmental Learning

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Intrinsically Motivated Goal Exploration Processes with Automatic Curriculum Learning

ymollard/APEX 7 Aug 2017

We present an algorithmic approach called Intrinsically Motivated Goal Exploration Processes (IMGEP) to enable similar properties of autonomous learning in machines.

A Deep Neural Model Of Emotion Appraisal

pablovin/AffectiveMemoryFramework 1 Aug 2018

We evaluate the performance of the proposed model with different challenging corpora and compare it with state-of-the-art models for external emotion appraisal.

Braitenberg Vehicles as Developmental Neurosimulation

OREL-group/dBV 28 Feb 2020

As is standard among models of artificial and biological neural networks, an analogue of the fully mature brain is presented as a blank slate.

Developmental Reinforcement Learning of Control Policy of a Quadcopter UAV with Thrust Vectoring Rotors

adipandas/gym_multirotor 15 Jul 2020

The results show faster learning with the presented approach as opposed to learning the control policy from scratch for this new UAV design created by modifications in a conventional quadcopter, i. e., the addition of more degrees of freedom (4-actuators in conventional quadcopter to 8-actuators in tilt-rotor quadcopter).

Morphological Development at the Evolutionary Timescale: Robotic Developmental Evolution

record/6450330 28 Oct 2020

Evolution and development operate at different timescales; generations for the one, a lifetime for the other.

Wiring Up Vision: Minimizing Supervised Synaptic Updates Needed to Produce a Primate Ventral Stream

franzigeiger/training_reductions ICLR 2022

Relative to the current leading model of the adult ventral stream, we here demonstrate that the total number of supervised weight updates can be substantially reduced using three complementary strategies: First, we find that only 2% of supervised updates (epochs and images) are needed to achieve ~80% of the match to adult ventral stream.

Continual Developmental Neurosimulation Using Embodied Computational Agents

OREL-group/dBV 7 Mar 2021

Using these agents to exemplify the embodied nature of computational autonomy, we move closer to modeling embodied experience and morphogenetic growth as components of cognitive developmental capacity.