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SAMSum Corpus: A Human-annotated Dialogue Dataset for Abstractive Summarization

Chen-Wang-CUHK/DialSum-with-SUFM-and-FR WS 2019

This paper introduces the SAMSum Corpus, a new dataset with abstractive dialogue summaries.

Incorporating Commonsense Knowledge into Abstractive Dialogue Summarization via Heterogeneous Graph Networks

xcfcode/DHGN CCL 2021

In detail, we consider utterance and commonsense knowledge as two different types of data and design a Dialogue Heterogeneous Graph Network (D-HGN) for modeling both information.

Controllable Neural Dialogue Summarization with Personal Named Entity Planning

seq-to-mind/planning_dial_summ EMNLP 2021

The conditional sequences are modulated to decide what types of information or what perspective to focus on when forming summaries to tackle the under-constrained problem in summarization tasks.

A Focused Study on Sequence Length for Dialogue Summarization

binwang28/la-bart 24 Sep 2022

Output length is critical to dialogue summarization systems.

Multi-Stage Pre-training Enhanced by ChatGPT for Multi-Scenario Multi-Domain Dialogue Summarization

zhouweixiao/mp4 16 Oct 2023

Specifically, we first conduct domain-aware pre-training using large-scale multi-scenario multi-domain dialogue data to enhance the adaptability of our pre-trained model.