Disease Trajectory Forecasting

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Most implemented papers

CLIMAT: Clinically-Inspired Multi-Agent Transformers for Knee Osteoarthritis Trajectory Forecasting

mipt-oulu/climat 8 Apr 2021

We show the effectiveness of our method in predicting the development of structural knee osteoarthritis changes over time.

RETAIN: An Interpretable Predictive Model for Healthcare using Reverse Time Attention Mechanism

mp2893/retain NeurIPS 2016

RETAIN was tested on a large health system EHR dataset with 14 million visits completed by 263K patients over an 8 year period and demonstrated predictive accuracy and computational scalability comparable to state-of-the-art methods such as RNN, and ease of interpretability comparable to traditional models.

Learning Dynamic and Personalized Comorbidity Networks from Event Data using Deep Diffusion Processes

vanderschaarlab/mlforhealthlabpub 8 Jan 2020

Comorbid diseases co-occur and progress via complex temporal patterns that vary among individuals.

Clinically-Inspired Multi-Agent Transformers for Disease Trajectory Forecasting from Multimodal Data

oulu-imeds/climatv2 25 Oct 2022

Deep neural networks are often applied to medical images to automate the problem of medical diagnosis.