Distant Speech Recognition

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Most implemented papers

The PyTorch-Kaldi Speech Recognition Toolkit

mravanelli/pytorch-kaldi 19 Nov 2018

Experiments, that are conducted on several datasets and tasks, show that PyTorch-Kaldi can effectively be used to develop modern state-of-the-art speech recognizers.

Residual LSTM: Design of a Deep Recurrent Architecture for Distant Speech Recognition

kdgutier/esrnn_torch 10 Jan 2017

The residual LSTM provides an additional spatial shortcut path from lower layers for efficient training of deep networks with multiple LSTM layers.

Open Source German Distant Speech Recognition: Corpus and Acoustic Model

tudarmstadt-lt/kaldi-tuda-de International Conference on Text, Speech, and Dialogue 2015

We present a new freely available corpus for German distant speech recognition and report speaker-independent word error rate (WER) results for two open source speech recognizers trained on this corpus.

The DIRHA-English corpus and related tasks for distant-speech recognition in domestic environments

mravanelli/pySpeechRev 6 Oct 2017

This paper introduces the contents and the possible usage of the DIRHA-ENGLISH multi-microphone corpus, recently realized under the EC DIRHA project.

Contaminated speech training methods for robust DNN-HMM distant speech recognition

mravanelli/pySpeechRev 10 Oct 2017

Despite the significant progress made in the last years, state-of-the-art speech recognition technologies provide a satisfactory performance only in the close-talking condition.

Interpretable Convolutional Filters with SincNet

mravanelli/pytorch-kaldi 23 Nov 2018

Deep learning is currently playing a crucial role toward higher levels of artificial intelligence.

Learning Problem-agnostic Speech Representations from Multiple Self-supervised Tasks

santi-pdp/pase 6 Apr 2019

Learning good representations without supervision is still an open issue in machine learning, and is particularly challenging for speech signals, which are often characterized by long sequences with a complex hierarchical structure.

Quaternion Neural Networks for Multi-channel Distant Speech Recognition

mravanelli/pytorch-kaldi 18 May 2020

In this paper, we propose to capture these inter- and intra- structural dependencies with quaternion neural networks, which can jointly process multiple signals as whole quaternion entities.

Learning to Rank Microphones for Distant Speech Recognition

popcornell/MicRank 6 Apr 2021

Fully exploiting ad-hoc microphone networks for distant speech recognition is still an open issue.

MeshRIR: A Dataset of Room Impulse Responses on Meshed Grid Points For Evaluating Sound Field Analysis and Synthesis Methods

sh01k/MeshRIR 21 Jun 2021

Two subdatasets are currently available: one consists of IRs in a three-dimensional cuboidal region from a single source, and the other consists of IRs in a two-dimensional square region from an array of 32 sources.