Distant Speech Recognition

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Most implemented papers

The PyTorch-Kaldi Speech Recognition Toolkit

mravanelli/pytorch-kaldi 19 Nov 2018

Experiments, that are conducted on several datasets and tasks, show that PyTorch-Kaldi can effectively be used to develop modern state-of-the-art speech recognizers.

Residual LSTM: Design of a Deep Recurrent Architecture for Distant Speech Recognition

kdgutier/esrnn_torch 10 Jan 2017

The residual LSTM provides an additional spatial shortcut path from lower layers for efficient training of deep networks with multiple LSTM layers.

The DIRHA-English corpus and related tasks for distant-speech recognition in domestic environments

mravanelli/pySpeechRev 6 Oct 2017

This paper introduces the contents and the possible usage of the DIRHA-ENGLISH multi-microphone corpus, recently realized under the EC DIRHA project.

MeshRIR: A Dataset of Room Impulse Responses on Meshed Grid Points For Evaluating Sound Field Analysis and Synthesis Methods

sh01k/MeshRIR 21 Jun 2021

Two subdatasets are currently available: one consists of IRs in a three-dimensional cuboidal region from a single source, and the other consists of IRs in a two-dimensional square region from an array of 32 sources.

Open Source German Distant Speech Recognition: Corpus and Acoustic Model

tudarmstadt-lt/kaldi-tuda-de International Conference on Text, Speech, and Dialogue 2015

We present a new freely available corpus for German distant speech recognition and report speaker-independent word error rate (WER) results for two open source speech recognizers trained on this corpus.

Contaminated speech training methods for robust DNN-HMM distant speech recognition

mravanelli/pySpeechRev 10 Oct 2017

Despite the significant progress made in the last years, state-of-the-art speech recognition technologies provide a satisfactory performance only in the close-talking condition.

Interpretable Convolutional Filters with SincNet

mravanelli/pytorch-kaldi 23 Nov 2018

Deep learning is currently playing a crucial role toward higher levels of artificial intelligence.

Learning Problem-agnostic Speech Representations from Multiple Self-supervised Tasks

santi-pdp/pase 6 Apr 2019

Learning good representations without supervision is still an open issue in machine learning, and is particularly challenging for speech signals, which are often characterized by long sequences with a complex hierarchical structure.

Quaternion Neural Networks for Multi-channel Distant Speech Recognition

mravanelli/pytorch-kaldi 18 May 2020

In this paper, we propose to capture these inter- and intra- structural dependencies with quaternion neural networks, which can jointly process multiple signals as whole quaternion entities.

Learning to Rank Microphones for Distant Speech Recognition

popcornell/MicRank 6 Apr 2021

Fully exploiting ad-hoc microphone networks for distant speech recognition is still an open issue.