Document Dating

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Document Dating is the problem of automatically predicting the date of a document based on its content. Date of a document, also referred to as the Document Creation Time (DCT), is at the core of many important tasks, such as, information retrieval, temporal reasoning, text summarization, event detection, and analysis of historical text, among others.

For example, in the following document, the correct creation year is 1999. This can be inferred by the presence of terms 1995 and Four years after.

Swiss adopted that form of taxation in 1995. The concession was approved by the govt last September. Four years after, the IOC….

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Greatest papers with code

Dating Documents using Graph Convolution Networks

malllabiisc/NeuralDater ACL 2018

While existing approaches for these tasks assume accurate knowledge of the document date, this is not always available, especially for arbitrary documents from the Web.

Document Dating

AD3: Attentive Deep Document Dater

malllabiisc/AD3 EMNLP 2018

Knowledge of the creation date of documents facilitates several tasks such as summarization, event extraction, temporally focused information extraction etc.

Document Dating Event Extraction