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DE-GAN: A Conditional Generative Adversarial Network for Document Enhancement

dali92002/DE-GAN 17 Oct 2020

Documents often exhibit various forms of degradation, which make it hard to be read and substantially deteriorate the performance of an OCR system.

DocDiff: Document Enhancement via Residual Diffusion Models

Royalvice/DocDiff 6 May 2023

Removing degradation from document images not only improves their visual quality and readability, but also enhances the performance of numerous automated document analysis and recognition tasks.

NAF-DPM: A Nonlinear Activation-Free Diffusion Probabilistic Model for Document Enhancement

ispamm/naf-dpm 8 Apr 2024

Real-world documents may suffer various forms of degradation, often resulting in lower accuracy in optical character recognition (OCR) systems.

Document Enhancement Using Visibility Detection

xuhangc/Document-Enhancement-using-Visibility-Detection CVPR 2018

Interestingly, this information is based on a solution to a seemingly unrelated problem of visibility detection in R3.

Light-weight Document Image Cleanup using Perceptual Loss

microsoft/computervision-recipes 19 May 2021

Smartphones have enabled effortless capturing and sharing of documents in digital form.

Text-DIAE: A Self-Supervised Degradation Invariant Autoencoders for Text Recognition and Document Enhancement

dali92002/SSL-OCR 9 Mar 2022

In this paper, we propose a Text-Degradation Invariant Auto Encoder (Text-DIAE), a self-supervised model designed to tackle two tasks, text recognition (handwritten or scene-text) and document image enhancement.

LP-IOANet: Efficient High Resolution Document Shadow Removal

sreenivas88/LP-IOANet 22 Mar 2023

Document shadow removal is an integral task in document enhancement pipelines, as it improves visibility, readability and thus the overall quality.