Document-level Event Extraction

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Doc2EDAG: An End-to-End Document-level Framework for Chinese Financial Event Extraction

dolphin-zs/Doc2EDAG IJCNLP 2019

Most existing event extraction (EE) methods merely extract event arguments within the sentence scope.

Document-level Event Extraction via Heterogeneous Graph-based Interaction Model with a Tracker

RunxinXu/GIT ACL 2021

Existing methods are not effective due to two challenges of this task: a) the target event arguments are scattered across sentences; b) the correlation among events in a document is non-trivial to model.

Document-level Event Extraction via Parallel Prediction Networks

hangyang-nlp/de-ppn ACL 2021

We argue that sentence-level extractors are ill-suited to the DEE task where event arguments always scatter across sentences and multiple events may co-exist in a document.

Document-Level Event Role Filler Extraction using Multi-Granularity Contextualized Encoding

xinyadu/doc_event_role ACL 2020

Few works in the literature of event extraction have gone beyond individual sentences to make extraction decisions.

Document-Level Event Argument Extraction by Conditional Generation

raspberryice/gen-arg NAACL 2021

On the task of argument extraction, we achieve an absolute gain of 7. 6% F1 and 5. 7% F1 over the next best model on the RAMS and WikiEvents datasets respectively.

An Effective System for Multi-format Information Extraction

neukg/MultiIE 16 Aug 2021

Finally, our system ranks No. 4 on the test set leader-board of this multi-format information extraction task, and its F1 scores for the subtasks of relation extraction, event extractions of sentence-level and document-level are 79. 887%, 85. 179%, and 70. 828% respectively.

Exploiting Data Characteristics for Document-level Event Extraction

coszeros/cab ACL ARR November 2021

Document-level event extraction (DEE) extracts structured information of events from a document.

Efficient Document-level Event Extraction via Pseudo-Trigger-aware Pruned Complete Graph

Spico197/DocEE 11 Dec 2021

Most previous studies of document-level event extraction mainly focus on building argument chains in an autoregressive way, which achieves a certain success but is inefficient in both training and inference.

A Two-Stream AMR-enhanced Model for Document-level Event Argument Extraction

pkunlp-icler/tsar NAACL 2022

In this paper, we focus on extracting event arguments from an entire document, which mainly faces two critical problems: a) the long-distance dependency between trigger and arguments over sentences; b) the distracting context towards an event in the document.

RAAT: Relation-Augmented Attention Transformer for Relation Modeling in Document-Level Event Extraction

TencentYoutuResearch/EventExtraction-RAAT NAACL 2022

To further leverage relation information, we introduce a separate event relation prediction task and adopt multi-task learning method to explicitly enhance event extraction performance.