Drone navigation

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(Satellite -> Drone) Given one satellite-view image, the drone intends to find the most relevant place (drone-view images) that it has passed by. According to its flight history, the drone could be navigated back to the target place.

Most implemented papers

University-1652: A Multi-view Multi-source Benchmark for Drone-based Geo-localization

layumi/University1652-Baseline 27 Feb 2020

To our knowledge, University-1652 is the first drone-based geo-localization dataset and enables two new tasks, i. e., drone-view target localization and drone navigation.

Learning Visuomotor Policies for Aerial Navigation Using Cross-Modal Representations

microsoft/AirSim-Drone-Racing-VAE-Imitation 16 Sep 2019

We analyze the rich latent spaces learned with our proposed representations, and show that the use of our cross-modal architecture significantly improves control policy performance as compared to end-to-end learning or purely unsupervised feature extractors.

Drone Path-Following in GPS-Denied Environments using Convolutional Networks

cvankir2/nsf_auburn 5 May 2019

his paper presents a simple approach for drone navigation to follow a predetermined path using visual input only without reliance on a Global Positioning System (GPS).

Straight to Shapes++: Real-time Instance Segmentation Made More Accurate

torrvision/straighttoshapes 27 May 2019

The STS model can run at 35 FPS on a high-end desktop, but its accuracy is significantly worse than that of offline state-of-the-art methods.

Each Part Matters: Local Patterns Facilitate Cross-view Geo-localization

wtyhub/LPN 26 Aug 2020

Existing methods usually concentrate on mining the fine-grained feature of the geographic target in the image center, but underestimate the contextual information in neighbor areas.

FBSNet: A Fast Bilateral Symmetrical Network for Real-Time Semantic Segmentation

IVIPLab/FBSNet 2 Sep 2021

Specifically, FBSNet employs a symmetrical encoder-decoder structure with two branches, semantic information branch and spatial detail branch.

A Transformer-Based Feature Segmentation and Region Alignment Method For UAV-View Geo-Localization

dmmm1997/fsra 23 Jan 2022

However it still has some limitations, e. g., it can only extract part of the information in the neighborhood and some scale reduction operations will make some fine-grained information lost.

Adaptive Risk-Tendency: Nano Drone Navigation in Cluttered Environments with Distributional Reinforcement Learning

tudelft/risk-sensitive-rl 28 Mar 2022

Enabling the capability of assessing risk and making risk-aware decisions is essential to applying reinforcement learning to safety-critical robots like drones.

Joint Representation Learning and Keypoint Detection for Cross-view Geo-localization

AggMan96/RK-Net IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (TIP) 2022

Inspired by the human visual system for mining local patterns, we propose a new framework called RK-Net to jointly learn the discriminative Representation and detect salient Keypoints with a single Network.

Physical Passive Patch Adversarial Attacks on Visual Odometry Systems

patchadversarialattacks/patchadversarialattacks 11 Jul 2022

While such perturbations are usually discussed as tailored to a specific input, a universal perturbation can be constructed to alter the model's output on a set of inputs.