Dynamic Community Detection

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community detection in dynamic networks

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IncNSA: Detecting communities incrementally from time-evolving networks based on node similarity

xingsumq/dynamic-community-detection-IncNSA International Journal of Modern Physics C 2020

When the network evolves from the previous snapshot to the current one, the proposed method only considers the community affiliations of partial nodes efficiently, which are either newborn nodes or some active nodes from the previous snapshot.

Transfer Learning Based Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm for Dynamic Community Detection

zjg540066169/TMOGA 30 Sep 2021

In this paper, we propose a Feature Transfer Based Multi-Objective Optimization Genetic Algorithm (TMOGA) based on transfer learning and traditional multi-objective evolutionary algorithm framework.

Learning Persistent Community Structures in Dynamic Networks via Topological Data Analysis

kundtx/MFC_TopoReg 6 Jan 2024

Dynamic community detection methods often lack effective mechanisms to ensure temporal consistency, hindering the analysis of network evolution.