Electron Microscopy Image Segmentation

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U-Net: Convolutional Networks for Biomedical Image Segmentation

milesial/Pytorch-UNet 18 May 2015

There is large consent that successful training of deep networks requires many thousand annotated training samples.

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Superhuman Accuracy on the SNEMI3D Connectomics Challenge

wolny/pytorch-3dunet 31 May 2017

For the past decade, convolutional networks have been used for 3D reconstruction of neurons from electron microscopic (EM) brain images.

3D Reconstruction Electron Microscopy Image Segmentation

TeraVR empowers precise reconstruction of complete 3-D neuronal morphology in the whole brain

Vaa3D/release Nature Communicationsvolume 10, Article number: 3474 (2019) 2019

Neuron morphology is recognized as a key determinant of cell type, yet the quantitative profiling of a mammalian neuron’s complete three-dimensional (3-D) morphology remains arduous when the neuron has complex arborization and long projection.

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SSHMT: Semi-supervised Hierarchical Merge Tree for Electron Microscopy Image Segmentation

tingliu/glia 14 Aug 2016

We then propose a Bayesian model that combines the supervised and the unsupervised information for probabilistic learning.

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Large-Scale Electron Microscopy Image Segmentation in Spark

janelia-flyem/DVIDSparkServices 1 Apr 2016

In this paper, we propose a novel strategy to apply such segmentation on very large datasets that exceed the capacity of a single machine.

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Dense cellular segmentation for EM using 2D–3D neural network ensembles

leapmanlab/examples 28 Jan 2021

Here, we define dense cellular segmentation as a multiclass semantic segmentation task for modeling cells and large numbers of their organelles, and give an example in human blood platelets.

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