Emotional Intelligence

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Are there intelligent Turing machines?

nbatfai/orchmach 12 Mar 2015

This paper introduces a new computing model based on the cooperation among Turing machines called orchestrated machines.

Real-Time Emotion Classification Using EEG Data Stream in E-Learning Contexts

officialarijit/RECS MDPI Sensors 2021

The proposed RECS is capable of classifying emotions in real-time by training the model in an online fashion using an EEG signal stream.

Scaling Language Models: Methods, Analysis & Insights from Training Gopher

allenai/dolma NA 2021

Language modelling provides a step towards intelligent communication systems by harnessing large repositories of written human knowledge to better predict and understand the world.

Emotion Twenty Questions Dialog System for Lexical Emotional Intelligence

abecode/emo20q-web 5 Oct 2022

This paper presents a web-based demonstration of Emotion Twenty Questions (EMO20Q), a dialog game whose purpose is to study how people describe emotions.

From Multilingual Complexity to Emotional Clarity: Leveraging Commonsense to Unveil Emotions in Code-Mixed Dialogues

lcs2-iiitd/emnlp-coffee 19 Oct 2023

Recognizing that emotional intelligence encompasses a comprehension of worldly knowledge, we propose an innovative approach that integrates commonsense information with dialogue context to facilitate a deeper understanding of emotions.