Empathetic Response Generation

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Generate empathetic responses in dialogues

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CAiRE: An Empathetic Neural Chatbot

ACE-VSIT/ACE-Ampethatic_bot 28 Jul 2019

In this paper, we present an end-to-end empathetic conversation agent CAiRE.

MIME: MIMicking Emotions for Empathetic Response Generation

declare-lab/MIME EMNLP 2020

Current approaches to empathetic response generation view the set of emotions expressed in the input text as a flat structure, where all the emotions are treated uniformly.

Empathetic BERT2BERT Conversational Model: Learning Arabic Language Generation with Little Data

aub-mind/Arabic-Empathetic-Chatbot EACL (WANLP) 2021

The shortcomings of NLG encoder-decoder models are primarily due to the lack of Arabic datasets suitable to train NLG models such as conversational agents.

Empathetic Dialog Generation with Fine-Grained Intents

yuboxie/meed2 CoNLL (EMNLP) 2021

Empathetic dialog generation aims at generating coherent responses following previous dialog turns and, more importantly, showing a sense of caring and a desire to help.

CoMAE: A Multi-factor Hierarchical Framework for Empathetic Response Generation

chujiezheng/CoMAE Findings (ACL) 2021

However, existing methods for empathetic response generation usually either consider only one empathy factor or ignore the hierarchical relationships between different factors, leading to a weak ability of empathy modeling.

Exemplars-guided Empathetic Response Generation Controlled by the Elements of Human Communication

declare-lab/exemplary-empathy 22 Jun 2021

We empirically show that these approaches yield significant improvements in empathetic response quality in terms of both automated and human-evaluated metrics.

Affective Decoding for Empathetic Response Generation

zenggo/affective-decoding-4-empathetic-dialog INLG (ACL) 2021

Understanding speaker's feelings and producing appropriate responses with emotion connection is a key communicative skill for empathetic dialogue systems.

CEM: Commonsense-aware Empathetic Response Generation

Sahandfer/CEM 13 Sep 2021

We evaluate our approach on EmpatheticDialogues, which is a widely-used benchmark dataset for empathetic response generation.

Empathetic Response Generation with State Management

a-rain/state_management_empdialogue 7 May 2022

The emotion-aware dialogue management contains two parts: (1) Emotion state tracking maintains the current emotion state of the user and (2) Empathetic dialogue policy selection predicts a target emotion and a user's intent based on the results of the emotion state tracking.