energy management

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energy management is to schedule energy units inside the systems, enabling an reliable, safe and cost-effective operation

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A Probabilistic Forecast-Driven Strategy for a Risk-Aware Participation in the Capacity Firming Market: extended version

jonathandumas/capacity-firming-ro 28 May 2021

This paper addresses the energy management of a grid-connected renewable generation plant coupled with a battery energy storage device in the capacity firming market, designed to promote renewable power generation facilities in small non-interconnected grids.

A deep generative model for probabilistic energy forecasting in power systems: normalizing flows

jonathandumas/generative-models 17 Jun 2021

This paper presents to the power systems forecasting practitioners a recent deep learning technique, the normalizing flows, to produce accurate scenario-based probabilistic forecasts that are crucial to face the new challenges in power systems applications.

Skillful Twelve Hour Precipitation Forecasts using Large Context Neural Networks

openclimatefix/metnet 14 Nov 2021

An emerging class of weather models based on neural networks represents a paradigm shift in weather forecasting: the models learn the required transformations from data instead of relying on hand-coded physics and are computationally efficient.

Energy Optimization for HVAC Systems in Multi-VAV Open Offices: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach

isend-clemson/drl-bems 23 Jun 2023

It takes only a total of 40 minutes for 5 epochs (about 7. 75 minutes per epoch) to train a network with superior performance and covering diverse conditions for its low-complexity architecture; therefore, it easily adapts to changes in the building setups, weather conditions, occupancy rate, etc.

Online Mixed-Integer Optimization in Milliseconds

bstellato/mlopt 4 Jul 2019

Compared to state-of-the-art MIO routines, the online running time of our method is very predictable and can be lower than a single matrix factorization time.

Hierarchical Control in Islanded DC Microgrids with Flexible Structures

DecodEPFL/Hierarchical-control-in-islanded-DC-microgrids-with-flexible-structures 11 Oct 2019

Hierarchical architectures stacking primary, secondary, and tertiary layers are widely employed for the operation and control of islanded DC microgrids (DCmGs), composed of Distribution Generation Units (DGUs), loads, and power lines.

EnergyStar++: Towards more accurate and explanatory building energy benchmarking

buds-lab/energystar-plus-plus 30 Oct 2019

Even more importantly, a set of techniques is developed to help determine which factors most influence the score using SHAP values.

A Stochastic Game Framework for Efficient Energy Management in Microgrid Networks

marl-smart-grids/energy-trading 6 Feb 2020

A microgrid is capable of generating a limited amount of energy from a renewable resource and is responsible for handling the demands of its dedicated customers.

An optimal home energy management system for modulating heat pumps and photovoltaic systems

lilanger/SHEMS 4 Sep 2020

In this study, we analyze the structural properties associated with the optimal control of a home energy management system and the effects of common technological configurations and objectives.

Probabilistic Load Forecasting Based on Adaptive Online Learning

MachineLearningBCAM/Load-forecasting-IEEE-TPWRS-2020 30 Nov 2020

Conventional load forecasting techniques obtain single-value load forecasts by exploiting consumption patterns of past load demand.